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RYV Prep & Shine Wipes

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The RYV Nail Gel Prep & Shine Wipes are the multitasking wonder every salon professional, student and at-home user needs for a glossy professional-quality gel manicure. Not only does this perfectly prep the nail, it cleanses after to remove the sticky tacky layer.

This is the simple, easy and effective solution required for every manicurist to create the perfect gel manicure. This two-in-one solution allows you to use the same wipes for preparing your nail bed so the gel base coat perfectly adheres to your nail bed and at the tacky wipe off (final) stage.

Innovatively formulated so each wipe is infused with the exact dose of prep/remover, RYV saves you from wasted excess associated with traditional prep and removers - not to mention NO MORE SPILLS. Each box contains 30 wipes, only 1 wipe required per manicure

No spills, multi-tasking and easy-to-use, RYV Gel Prep & Shine Wipes.

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